NuKeM Serial Number List

NuKeM currently hosts a huge list of serial numbers for applications, utilities and games.

The list was obtained from several sources. The main source was the File Propulsion BBS.

As there is not CGI database scripting support for this web server, there are two ways to search the list. Either alphabetically or throught the the indexed list of applications. The index list has beeen split into 5 sections, for applications starting from A-F, G-I, J-M, N-T, and U-Z or you can search via the FULL list (be careful, these are all very large lists).

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Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies. And also, note that the information provided by NuKeM is in no way promoting software piracy. All was done in hoping that everybody will have an easier life, no need to pull out dusty manuals to find out that silly number your irritating software wants.