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Welcome to NuKeM !!!

NuKeM (Short for NUmbers and KEys Mania) is a user group where users search the internet and then share the findings on the web page and mailing list. Our collection of NuKes (Yup, thats what we call stuffs like Key Generators, Cracks, Serial Numbers, Hacks,etc...) number currently is about a thousand or more. Email to me if you have any queries

Current NuKeM resources.

Of course, there is a huge acknowledgement list.

News Update !

1/9/96 Currently only the web page is available. I'm still trying to find a server to host a FTP site. There is already a mailing list set up and it's going to be upgraded to a full mail/file server soon.

10/9/96 The mail server is up at last ! Send a mail with "subscribe" in the subject field to [Mailing List Has Been Suspended Indefinately] to subscribe !

11/9/96 I just updated the list of key generators that NuKeM has. This is my personal collection that I have contributed to NuKeM. We have no FTP server now, so you will have to request the file from me.

19/9/96 The mail server was upgraded and all users moved to the new list server. The old address ([Mailing List Has Been Suspended Indefinately]) is no longer used. We also have an archive server now (a FTP-mail type server), requests (currently limited to 40k) are made by sending commands in the body of the message to [Mailing List Has Been Suspended Indefinately]

20/9/96 Our US Mirror has been completed. Updates on the US Mirror is still down by hand (every weekend) as we have yet to get a good Mirror CGI script. We are now looking for a European Mirror server to host NuKeM.

22/9/96 The PC Games Cheats & Info List has been HTMLed and index like our serial number database.

14/10/96 The Serial number database was updated to add 300 more numbers.

1/11/96 The Public Services ran by me has been stopped due to high noise ratios. (The mailing list and the ftp sites)

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Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies. And also, note that the information provided by NuKeM is in no way promoting software piracy. All was done in hoping that everybody will have an easier life, no need to pull out dusty manuals to find out that silly number your irritating software wants.