Hacking - The Many Flavours

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Hacking has been the ulimate IN thing to do with computers. With the popularity of movies like Hackers, The Net, Lawnmower Man, etc.. Many people all want to be hackers. Most of these are newbies who don't know shit about computers and they want to learn how to hack.

So This Section of NuKeM is dedicated to all you LAMERS out there who are too bloody [email protected]#ing lazy to learn how to code yourself. Before you go on further, remember, once a lamer always a lamer. And a bloody [email protected]#ing lamer too !

On to serious business. Hacking has many styles. The original style was of course to modify source code. But this option isn't available nowadays (or to you lamers that's all) Basically hacking has now been considered anything done without permission and causes trouble. A very wide sweeping statement, but well... if people want it, I give it. So here are the areas of hacking that are of interest to many....

Hacking in Unix

Hacking in PCs

Hacking to create mayhem

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